Get Acquainted with the Process of SmartLipo in Dallas

The procedure of smart lipo has been gaining immense popularity over a couple of years in the plastic surgery industry. The main benefit of SmartLipo to patients is that through this treatment you can achieve optimal body sculpting results with very little recovery time involved. The success of this treatment is reflected in an increase in the number of patients being able to return back to their normal activities within a day or two. There are fewer risks and side effects associated with this process as compared to the traditional liposuction method. The whole procedure is performed under local anesthesia – the results are permanent and you can get tightened skin around the treatment area.

Different Areas of Treatment

The most common treatment areas for laser fat removal include areas of the abdomen and waist, chin, thighs (both outer and inner), inner and upper arms, hips, knees and fatty chest regions in men.

Are you the candidate for smart lipo in Dallas?

The procedure has been particularly designed for removing stubborn fatty tissue that are unable to get rid of with regular diet and exercise. Thus, ideal candidates are those men and women who have achieved their desired weight but still have areas of fat that have responded negatively or poorly to regular exercise and balanced diet.


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