“Botox Parties” Should Start in a Physician’s Office

Dr. Stiles is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Frisco. Read her thoughts here about Botox and “Botox parties”.

I am grateful that Rachael has shared her story. Sadly the complications like this may happen when non-qualified people perform procedures in a non-medical environment. Although we love the term “Botox party” – what could be better than a group of friends getting together, having fun and looking great???? When there is no way to really know the qualifications of the person performing the injections, if the products used are FDA approved, sterile, and not expired, horrible outcomes may happen!

Botox and fillers are wonderful ways to look younger and refreshed with visits to a board certified plastic surgeon. It is of great importance for your physician to know your medical history, allergies and your previous experience with Botox and fillers. When treating the lips it is imperative to let your physician know if you have a history of cold sores. The small trauma to the lips with the injections may be enough to stimulate an outbreak. For our patients who have a history of cold sores, taking an anti-viral medication for a few days before and after the procedure will prevent an outbreak! For patients who have a history of significant swelling with fillers, using low dose steroids before and after the procedure will significantly decrease post-procedure swelling and sped up your recovery! For our patients who bruise easily, taking arnica orally and applying Prevadem to the face before and after the treatment avoids having dark bruises!

The best “Botox parties” start in a physicians office, so the treatments may be done in the safest environment. Have hors d’oeuvres in the office and then have a driver take everyone to lunch or dinner. If patients are having lip fillers, their lips may be swollen and it is best to go to a friend’s house. Patients will not have swelling with Botox alone. NEVER have alcohol before having these treatments! Since alcohol causes flushing, the bruising with any injectable is much worse!

Botox and fillers are wonderful ways to enhance your beauty – it is of utmost importance to have them performed by board certified physicians and nurses in a safe medical environment!

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