Arm Lift

An arm lift (or brachioplasty) is a procedure to reduce excess sagging skin that droops down from arms (also called “batwings”). Fluctuations in weight, growing older, and heredity can cause your upper arms to have a drooping, sagging appearance. This is a condition that cannot be corrected through exercise.
Arm lift surgery may be right for you if the underside of your upper arms are sagging or appear loose and full due to excess skin and fat.

Reasons for Considering an Arm Lift:

  • Reshape significant upper arm skin laxity
  • Remove and reshape excess skin and possibly remove fat due to aging or excessive weight loss.

General Procedure

The procedure is tailored to accommodate the needs of each patient. An incision is made along either inside the arm or the back of the arm, depending on the amount and locations of excess skin to be removed.  The length of the incision varies and may extend from the underarm (axilla) to just above the elbow.  The excess tissue is removed and excess fat may be directly excised or treated with liposuction.  The tissue is tightened and smoothed over the new contour of the arm, repairing the wound with sutures.  The surgery is performed under general anesthesia and the patient is hospitalized for one to several days post-operatively.

Recovery Process

Generally, post-operative instructions call for rest and limited activity for the first few days.  Casual walking is okay and recommended, however no heavy physical activity for 6 weeks.  Bandages are applied immediately following surgery to aid the healing process and to protect the wounds from the any seams in clothing.  A special compression support garment is worn for six weeks post-operatively.  Post-operative pain is minimized by the use of pain medication or Tylenol for approximately the first week of recovery.  While complications may occur, patients can minimize potential problems by carefully following the instructions given after surgery.

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