The Natural Breast Lift with Augmentation

After breast feeding and significant weight loss, many women become unhappy with the appearance of their breasts.  The breasts may develop stretch marks and seem to sag. Many women who are unhappy with the sagging appearance of their breasts avoid having breast lift surgery because they fear the scars associated with traditional techniques of lifting the breasts.  The Natural Breast Lift hides the scars in anatomic positions to give the breasts a natural lifted appearance.  This procedure may be combined with an augmentation to add fullness at the same time.

The Natural Breast Lift with Augmentation:

Reasons for Considering The Natural Breast Lift with Augmentation:

  • Elevate the breasts to correct sagging caused by aging.
  • Replace volume lost following pregnancy and breast feeding.   
  • Re-position the nipples and areola if they point downward or look too low.
  • Add a natural fullness to the breasts and remove excess skin after weight loss.

General Procedure

The Natural Breast Lift procedure begins with reducing the size of the areola.   The skin of the lower breast is then removed, while preserving the deeper breast tissue.  A pocket is created under the pectoralis major muscle and a breast implant sizer is placed into the pocket and filled to the desired volume.  The skin is then draped in an aesthetic manner and the procedure is repeated on the opposite breast.  The patient is then placed in the upright position and assessed for symmetry.  Adjustments are made to the size of the breast as needed.  The sizers are then replaced with permanent implants, either saline or silicone, and the nipple areola complexes are placed in their new position.  The skin is closed with sutures.  The scars are hidden around the areola and underneath the breast, within the inframammary folds.

Patients who have mild sagging may require less of a lift with an augmentation.  In these cases, the implants are placed and a crescent of skin is removed from the area above the areola.  Excess skin along the lower breast is then removed, to create a younger full appearance.  Again, the scars are hidden around the areola and under the breasts, within the inframammary folds. 

Recovery Process

Generally, it is necessary to rest for the first few days after surgery and limit activity of the arms for several weeks.  Bandages are applied at the time of surgery to aid the healing process and to minimize movement of the breasts.  A special surgical bra will be worn for several weeks.  Post-operative pain is minimized by the use of pain pumps that deliver local anesthesia directly to the breast.  This decreases the amount of pain medication patients require in the initial post-operative period.  While complications may occur, patients may minimize potential problems by carefully following the directions given by the physician after surgery.

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