Get Glowing Skin

Time to Get Glowing… with precise planning, you can achieve radiant results!


The Obagi NuDerm Skin Transformation is the ultimate way to achieve beautiful, flawless skin.  This system incorporates medical grade skin care that works at the cellular level, actually helping you grow healthier skin cells.  As you exfoliate, you’ll shed the damaged layers of brown spots, wrinkles and uneven tone and begin forming new healthy and balanced cells that will lay nice and flat before they shed naturally.  After completing a 10 week regimen to prep your skin, you can polish your skin with The Blue Peel that will leave you with glowing, smooth skin.

Timeline:  Its best to plan well in advance so you’ll be ready from engagement photos thru the big finale!  There will be some periods of excess skin shedding and redness, so its important to consult about the program to ensure the program works well with your timeline.

More about Dr. Christine Stiles

Dr. Christine Stiles is the leading plastic surgeon in the Frisco and surrounding Dallas area. Dr. Stiles uses innovative procedures to restore and enhance the appearance of the breast, body and face. She invests time in her patients, to fully understand their lifestyles and goals, to ultimately provide beautiful, natural results. Please contact her friendly staff at the Center for Breast and Body Contouring in Frisco, Texas at (214) 618-4000 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Christine Stiles.

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