The Natural Facelift

The Natural Facelift is a corrective procedure to restore volume to the whole face including the forehead and lips in one treatment by lipografting autologous fat (fat cells obtained from yourself) from a donor area to the face.  Traditional facelifts pull the skin tight and give a smooth but flat look to the face.  By adding volume to the face with your own fat, wrinkles smooth out and disappear, thin lips are made full, cheeks are lifted and you have a younger, refreshed look.  The fat is prepared using the AdiPrep® Adipose (Fat) Transfer System that generates concentrated adipose tissue, separating away unwanted inflammatory oils, lipids and excess fluid resulting in minimal bruising and swelling and eliminating the need for over-filling for a more precise and predictable outcome.  Another key benefit is the stem cells in your fat add volume AND rejuvenate the skin.  Over time, you will see a natural glow to the skin.

Fat Transfer to Face:

Reasons for Considering The Natural Facelift:

  • Fine to deep lines and wrinkles.
  • Sunken, aging appearance of the face.
  • Thinning lips.

General Procedure

This in-office procedure includes fat harvested from a “problem” area, prepared with the AdiPrep® system.  A small amount of blood is collected to extract the platelet rich plasma (PRP) and mix with the prepared concentrated fat.  The highly refined fat is transferred to various areas of the face via syringe.  The procedure generally takes about one and a half hours and is performed under local anesthesia in the office treatment room.  The results are permanent as the living fat cells attach and are nourished by the surrounding tissue’s blood supply.  The patient is prescribed Valtrex to take one day pre-op and 3 days post op and an antibiotic on the day of the procedure for 24 hours.  It is important to discuss any medications you are currently taking that affect bleeding – ie ibuprofen or aspirin – to ensure you receive proper directions and minimize any unnecessary complications.

Recovery Process

Normally, post-operative instructions call for rest and limited activity for a few days. Patients have mild swelling and bruising of the lipografted areas. Post-operative pain is minimal and usually treated effectively with oral medication such as Tylenol.  Patients can minimize the risk for potential problems by carefully following the post-operative directions given after the procedure. Patients will have a more refreshed and youthful appearance with natural glow to the skin over time.

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More about Harvest AdiPrep® Adipose Transfer System

The quality of adipose (fat) graft material is important for the success of any lipograft procedure.  Recent studies indicate that the refinement of lipoaspirate prior to implantation may promote graft retention.

“Not All Autologous Fat is Created Equal…”

Harvest AdiPrep® SyringeThe Harvest AdiPrep® system is designed for efficient preparation of autologous adipose tissue for use in medical lipograft procedures.  During the procedure, fat is aspirated from the donor site and transferred to special syringe and spun for four minutes in a centrifuge.  The concentrated fat is separated from the unwanted inflammatory oils, lipids and excess fluid, unique to the Adiprep® system, and ready to be utilized in the grafting procedure.  This refinement is key for a successful and predictable outcome.

The benefits of Concentrated Adipose (Fat) Tissue by utilizing The Harvest AdiPrep® system:
  • Removal of excess fluid can minimize the need for overfilling and offer a more predictable outcome.
  • Better separation of residual oils, lipids, and cellular debris minimize the inflammatory response (swelling and bruising).
  • Retention of the tissue’s variety of cell types (including stem cells) and structural matrix to which cells can attach to support cell viability for greater graft retention
Harvest AdiPrep

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