Mommy Facial Rejuvenation

Minimally Invasive Facial Rejuvenation for Moms

Moms are busy people!  With all of our responsibilities, there is little time to take care of ourselves.  This can make us look tired and older than we are.  As we look at our beautiful children, we are reminded of the beauty of their skin and the fullness of their faces and lips.  Did you know that there are many procedures that may be done an office setting to reverse the signs of aging and help you feel better about yourself?

  • As we get the children ready for school, pack up the car, and get the day started, we have little time for make up.  Although many of us would like to have the time to perfectly line our lips and apply the perfect color, we are often lucky to be able to put on a little lip gloss.  After a lip augmentation with the Perma Facial Lip Implant, a little lip gloss is all you need to have full pretty lips! 
  • Every now and then a cute photograph with the children will turn into the shock of finding a double chin! Smartlipo LASER lipolysis is an office procedure to melt fat and tighten skin.  This is a wonderful way to get rid of that double chin, with minimal swelling and bruising!   
  • BOTOX® Cosmetic and JUVÉDERM® Injectable Gel are powerful allies in the fight against the lines and wrinkles that become more noticeable with age and fatigue.  BOTOX® Cosmetic stops wrinkles where they begin, by paralyzing the muscles that cause the wrinkles.  When the muscle is unable to pull on the skin, the wrinkle does not form.  This not only treats existing wrinkles, but prevents them from forming.  JUVÉDERM® Injectable Gel fills in deep lines that are present with the face at rest.  Common areas for these lines to form are between the nose and the lips and between the eyebrows.  When BOTOX® Cosmetic and JUVÉDERM® Injectable Gel are used together, the effects are longer lasting! 
  • With weight changes and age, we lose the fullness of our cheeks and our faces may begin to sag.  Although we may not be ready for surgery to tighten and lift the skin, we need something to help us look younger.  Sculptra is an injectable product that stimulates your body to produce collagen to give you a more youthful appearance!
  • Dryness, adult acne and sun damage will make your skin look older than you feel.  Rejuvenating the skin is quick and easy with chemical peels and the Obagi skin care system.