My Funny Ears

My Funny Ears is a children’s book, written by Dr. Stiles, designed as a guide to help children prepare for having an otoplasty.

In a child friendly manner, the problems children with prominent ears face are described. This opens up topics for parents to discuss with their child, that are often difficult for the child to talk about. This may give parents insight to the difficulties that their child is facing in school and with their peers. The anatomic problem and pre-operative evaluation is described in a way that children will understand. The otoplasty surgery and intra-operative procedures are presented in a non-intimidating fashion. The post-operative care and activity restrictions are explained to help patients and their families plan the surgery in a way that will fit the child’s schedule. This guidebook is designed to alleviate the apprehension about having an otoplasty for both the child and his or her parents. In the end, the child and parents will be excited about having the surgery and his or her new ears!

Children's Guide to Otoplasty - Ear Surgery - for Girls

Children’s Guide to Otoplasty for Girls

Children's Book - Guide to Otoplasty (Ear Surgery) for Boys

Children’s Guide to Otoplasty for Boys

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