Benefits of Working with a Female Plastic Surgeon

Why Choose a Female Plastic Surgeon?

Whether you are seeking plastic surgery in Frisco, Plano or other areas of the Dallas metroplex,
the first key step in the process is to properly research your plastic surgeon’s qualifications,
experience and background. You need comfort knowing that your surgeon has the skills, ability
and credentials that go along with an experienced and qualified plastic surgeon. With
everything else being equal, patients in the area are increasingly curious whether it’s better to
choose a male or female plastic surgeon. The answer here is that it’s really a matter of personal
preference. However, there are some key differentiating factors and benefits to working with a
female surgeon for your plastic surgery procedure.

Firsthand Knowledge and Understanding of the Female

While male surgeons are most certainly qualified and do perform successful surgeries, a female
plastic surgeon has intimate knowledge of a range of female concerns, including:

  • Understanding questions and issues from a woman’s point of view
  • Knowing from personal experience how a woman’s body changes and ages over time since
    a female plastic surgeon is experiencing the exact same thing
  • Understanding the thought process a woman experiences when contemplating whether
    they need a certain procedure

Compassionate and Warm

For many patients, one of the most difficult aspects of the plastic surgery process is being able
to openly discuss their concerns and issues related to their appearance. This is not to say that
our male counterparts are not warm and compassionate, female plastic surgeons possess
several key characteristics and experiences to help allay a patient’s concerns, including:

  • Direct knowledge of potential societal pressures that might direct a patient to seek surgical
  • Allowing patients to talk more freely with a like-minded empathetic ear
  • Traditionally being more sensitive while allowing the patient to feel more relaxed

Communication Levels

During the discovery and consult process, the surgeon needs to develop the clearest
understanding possible of the patient’s needs, concerns and goals. It is certainly not a
misconception that women tend to be better communicators than men. Many husbands and
boyfriends will agree with us. But again, we are not saying that men are bad communicators.
Because females tend to be better communicators, your female plastic surgeon may be able to
express questions, answers and comments in a way only a woman can. While not always true,
in general women tend to be more vocal and communicative, thereby increasing the flow of
information between the patient and their female plastic surgeon.

Consultation Time

Several research studies have proven that female doctors typically spend more time with
patients during an office visit than male physicians. Simply put, this results in more time for
patients to convey their concerns and ask questions while building a trust with their female
plastic surgeon. Further, this increased time in the initial consult allows for a patient’s
maximum understanding of the procedure.

Plastic Surgeon that Treats the Whole Family

Your Family’s Plastic Surgeon

As a board-certified plastic surgeon who has been practicing for over 20 years, Dr. Christine Stiles has cared for every member of the family. More importantly, Dr. Stiles has seen the benefits that each of these patients experience from having plastic surgery. Whether it’s for self-confidence, personal satisfaction or correcting a congenital issue, Dr. Stiles has the experience and expertise in addition to the compassion and caring necessary to work on the whole family.

A Historical Perspective

While treating women is obviously logical and understood, we are often asked about treating men. Here are some of our thoughts on helping men with their plastic surgery desires:

  • Previous generations spent time in the gym and/or used supplements and powders to maintain their health while staying active in later years.
  • Now those generations are getting older (ie, beyond middle aged) and don’t want to have a number dictate their age.
  • Because of this, baby boomers want to continue to look good and feel good.
  • This is an obvious sentiment for women, but men definitely carry the same feelings and desires.

Male Cosmetic Options

There are so many options today for baby boomers, middle aged and even millennials to focus on health, fitness and physical benefits. Just a few examples include:

  • Yoga and other low impact exercises
  • Health supplements
  • Prescription/doctor sources skin creams and regimens
  • Injectables like Kybella, Botox, Juvéderm, etc
  • Laser treatments skin resurfacing, Smartlipo, Necklaze, etc.
  • Facial procedures like neck lifts, eyelid rejuvenation and blepharoplasty
  • Body procedures like gynecomastia, liposuction and more

Again, men are increasingly having or using many of these treatments and others to maintain a youthful appearance while feeling better about themselves.

Pediatric Needs for Plastic Surgery

Dr. Stiles also cares for children. While you can learn more about the range of procedures at her website, here’s a list of just a few of the areas that Dr. Stiles enjoys helping kids with:

  • Repair of ear deformities such as protruding ears
  • Removal of a range of nevus defects and birthmarks
  • Cosmetic repair for dog bites and other scar related issues
  • Treatments to deal with bullying issues related to cosmetic appearance/abnormalities
  • Cosmetic repair of adolescent breast issues such as breast asymmetry and gynecomastia
  • Plastic surgery that can be used to enhance a child’s self-image

Dr. Stiles has worked with many children in these and other areas of pediatric plastic surgery. Dr. Stiles continues to treat the entire family and welcomes the opportunity to treat yours. Call today to schedule an appointment.