Acne Treatments

Salicylic Peels

Salicylic peels are a deep cleansing treatment for excessively oily skin and acne outbreaks.  Combining peels with medical grade skin care products clears up skin and continually treats the oil production, minimizing breakouts and inflammation.  Salicylic acid is fat soluble which helps bind to dirt and debris that clogs pores.  It breaks down the first layer of dead skin, clears out and opens up pores leaving skin shiny and fresh.


Why Salicylic Products for Acne Treatment

Using oil-stripping products like Proactiv dehydrates the skin and clears acne temporarily.  Once these types of products are discontinued, the skin begins to over-compensate by over-producing more oil than ever before.  This intensifies the acne.  Salicylic based products, like SkinMedica, are effective and non-damaging.  Incorporating a retinoid will help smooth the skin’s texture and increase the cellular turnover and minimize pore congestion without the harmful aging effects of dehydration.


Acne Treatment Products

SkinMedica is a medical grade treatment line that does NOT use oil-stripping ingredients in their acne products that ultimately dehydrate skin.

  • Purifying Foaming Wash:  has 2% salicylic acid and other botanical ingredients to remove excess oil and impurities while helping to control acne breakouts ($40, approx 6-month supply)
  • Rejuvenative Toner:  contains a special combination of alpha-hydroxy acids, green tea, willow bark, witch hazel and chamomilla recutita to remove dead skin cells and residue, refine pores and prepare the skin for treatment products ($34, approx 6-month supply)
  • Tri-Retinol Complex: contains three forms of vitamin A in a sustained release delivery system to exfoliate the skin without the irritation typically associated with vitamin A products.  ($55, approx 6-month supply)
  • AHA/BHA Cream: has a combination of both natural alpha-hydroxy and beta-hydroxy acids to help exfoliate the skin and reveal brighter skin ($40, approx 6-month supply)

Jane Iredale – The Skin Care Makeup is a mineral makeup line with active skin care benefits, broad spectrum sun protection and pharmaceutical grade vitamins and antioxidants.

  • PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation $52: provides a foundation, concealer, sunscreen SPF20 and active skin care benefits all in one.  The look is sheer and semi-matte and feels weightless.
  • PureMatte Finish Powder $36: specially formatted to help avoid shine with highly absorbent rice starch.  Lightweight feel and will not clog pores.  Used under or over minerals to absorb oil.
  • Dream Tint Tinted Moisturizer $39: this super-absorbent tinted moisturizer not only hydrates, but creates a soft-focus effect that minimizes the look of large pores and fine lines.  Hydrates, prevents water loss, calms skin and improves elasticity while providing water resistance to 40 minutes.
  • Diappear Matte Concealer $30: camouflage cream packed with pigment that will even cover black tattoos!  Covers breakouts and will also help them to disappear permanently.  Liposome-based formula green tea extract is an antioxidant, and has also been documented to combat acne bacteria.  Patented applicator allows application with or without a brush.
  • Zap&Hid Blemish Concealer $26: blemish concealer that pleasantly and effectively zaps blemishes and hides them.  Zap is a clear stick containing beneficial antiseptic and anti-inflammatory botanicals, while Hide is a highly pigmented, creamy concealer to cover the blemish.  Zap&Hide is powerful and effective, but gentle enough to be used as often as needed.

Complimentary Skin Consultation

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